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It's not about the before and after pictures - its the transformation from within - building healthy habits, gaining confidence, being consistent and changing your outlook on life - not just for 6, 8 or 12 weeks, but for life!

Don't take my word for it, check out my clients' journeys for yourself!

Meet Aoibheann

"I started the programme as I wanted to lose weight - I decided that 2021 was my year. I found Amanda on Instagram. Working with her I have constant support and encouragement.


If anyone told me I’d feel this way after 12 weeks I wouldn’t believe them.. in fact when I started this in January, I didn’t think much would change.. But everything from my mindset, to my confidence, to my understanding of food and realising how great my body is, the importance of listening to your body and what I need to fuel it. 


I no longer feel guilty for having treats at the weekend or having a few drinks because that’s just a small part of my life. Staying consistent is key. 


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Coach who cares as much for there clients mental well-being as much as Amanda does. Feeling extremely grateful for you and all the girls, it’s so nice to share this journey in a community of such like-minded people".

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21st Jan 2021
24th May 2021
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"But its not just the physical transformation, what I lost in inches I gained multiple times over in knowledge, confidence and mental strength"

- Aoife

Meet Sharon

"After years of bouncing from one slimming group to another, I never really got anywhere, your online coaching was a breath of fresh air!

As someone who weighed nearly 15 stone when starting with you, I felt apprehensive that I would be out of my depth. I worried that only fit and athletic people would work with you - How wrong was I!

I've had bad experiences with online programmes, but there was something different with you. I loved the personable approach. I also loved how new habits were introduced slowly and gradually - slow and steady definitely wins the race.

I no longer associate guilt with food, something I struggled with for years! I'm so happy to say I lost just short of 2 stone for my wedding day but honestly that wasn't even the best thing"

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24th Sept 2020
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14th Dec 2020
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11th Feb 2021
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13th May 2021

Meet Sinead

"Absolutely  thrilled that I did the Strong and Sassy programme with Amanda.


At the outset I wanted to get fit, tone up & loose a little weight. I achieved all of these but also achieved so much more.


Along with achieving the goals I had, I learned more about what I should eat & drink. I became aware of what I needed & formed good habits in relation to what I eat & drink. I also learned that I needed to make more time for me & learned to do this, that at times we need to say no. 


It was a great experience & I have formed habits that will stand to me going forward & I now have a good fitness routine, that I can realistically stick with going forward".


"I have lost 5 kg which I am so happy with. But I have also learned a lot about having a more positive outlook on my life and on myself. Amanda's habit-building approach really does work without restricting yourself. I have learned loads about my PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) which makes me feel more in control".

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